2016 Glamour Pusses Wall Calendar



10% of sales proceeds goes to help homeless pets!  Look what a lovely person you are!

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Everybody knows that shelter cats are the coolest. But here, captured for the first time, are shelter cats living their best life! OK, maybe not their best life, but, y'know...talking about music and romance and snacks & stuff. They're cute. They're funny. Just...look at the calendar and you'll get it.

I've hand-selected twelve of my favourite entries from my Glamour Pusses blog and photo book of shelter cats for this collection. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll enjoy these charming cats and kittens every day of the year! (You won't cry, because it's just cat pictures with silly captions. You might laugh, though. I guess it's possible you could laugh so hard, you cry. Anyway.  Buy this calendar!)

8.5 x 11" wall calendar featuring 12 monthly photos of cats and kittens from the Glamour Pusses collection.

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Glamour Pusses
By Laura Ann Methvin