If you share my photographs on social media, your blog, or elsewhere on the internet, great!


. . . I just have a FEW EASY REQUESTS:


● Please just leave all photos as is -- uncropped, unedited, unphotoshopped, etc., with any watermark showing.  (If you're not sure if what you want to do is OK, feel free to email me and ask.  I'll be happy to answer any questions.)

● Please credit me (Laura Methvin) as the photographer.

● Including a link to my website (it's LauraMethvin.com) would be awfully nice of you and would probably build you a little good karma.

● Do NOT use or reproduce or do anything else with my photos for commercial purposes (i.e., to make money) without prior written permission from me.  That's copyright infringement. Copyright infringement is illegal and bad and mean and will make you feel awful about yourself.  Your arteries will harden, and puppies won't let you pet them.  It's pretty brutal.

Printing:  DON'T.  Don't try to just print out the photos you see here.  Although they look fabulous on your screen, the resolution used for on-screen viewing, like on a website, won't work for printing.  You'll get terrible quality prints.  And that'll make you and me and my photos look bad.  High-resolution printable versions of these photos exist; they're locked away in Prince's secret vault.  If you want your own digital copy or print of any of the photos you see on the website, click here.


Obviously, the internet is a wild and wooly frontier, photos get shared online without credit to the photographer all the time, and I won't know whether you honoured these requests or not.


But 👍 cool people 👍 will do these few simple things I ask when they share my pictures.

Because they know that a LOT of





❤ love

goes into creating and editing the kinds of photos people actually want to share.

And they believe that all of that should at least earn the photographer some exposure that could lead to future gigs. 

Thanks so much.

I knew you were cool.



If you like what you see here on my website, let's make photos together.

I specialize in portraits, weddings, pet photosbands photos and more.  And I travel outside my local region often for shoots.  I'd love to work with you the next time you need a professional photographer.

To hire me, contact me at the link at the top right of this page and let's create something amazing together.



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