My expertise as a legal writer, editor and analyst helps you maximize the quality and impact of your documents.  Busy attorneys and other professionals who lack the time to review their written work product, as well as students, can rely on me to ensure that their documents are clear, easy to read, and grammatically correct.

I'll copyedit, content-edit, and proofread even the most complex and lengthy documents.  I return a finished product that hangs together coherently and is free of distracting errors. 

Attorneys writing contractual provisions, briefs and motions for filing with the courts, and other legal documents reap the benefit of my keenly trained editing eye.

Other professionals, college and graduate students, and speakers of English as a second language will also find that an investment in having an experienced, professional editor review their written work yields invaluable returns.




The strongest legal argument can fall flat if it is plagued by unclear syntax, poor organization, hackneyed phrases and clichés, or poor grammar and punctuation.  And worse, incoherent or unprofessional writing will undermine the credibility of any brief or motion -- and even of your firm. 

As a former law clerk at the Florida First District Court of Appeal, I have many years of experience evaluating countless litigants' briefs and motions, as well as writing and editing numerous published court opinions. 

Using my insider knowledge of how clerks and judges read the documents submitted to the court, I'll review and edit your documents to ensure that the content is clear, the tone is appropriate, and the mechanics are correct.  

An investment in this type of review process can prove invaluable to maximizing your argument's impact and effectiveness.

For non-lawyers, my editing eye can increase the value and impact of any document.  I have a bachelor's degree in English; am familiar with medical, technical and scientific terminology; studied Latin for three years; and am a published freelance writer on topics from fashion to music.  So I know how to streamline and sharpen the written word effectively in virtually any context.

Writing seminars

Writing Seminars

With my seminars and webinars for professionals, I'll bring my decades of experience as a writer and my background as a teacher and tutor to your law firm or other business.  I'll instruct the professionals who make up your organization to write more clearly, precisely and effectively.  In-person seminars as well as live webinars of various lengths and subject matter are available. 

These lessons allow your team's members to glean a maximum amount of skill in a minimum amount of time.  Question and answer sessions are included, and I remain available by email after the lesson, to provide any additional help your employees may need.

I'm also available as an on-call consultant for a monthly fee.  With this arrangement, anyone on your team can contact me for help on an ongoing basis.  

By stripping away bad habits and unlocking the techniques and simple rules of potent and compelling writing, I'll empower your team of professionals to achieve optimal results for your clients and for your business.



Rates for editing are based on the type and nature of the particular project.  Each contract is tailored to suit the individual client's needs.  As a result, services may be offered on an hourly basis or at a flat rate, depending on the details of the assignment.  

Seminars and webinars are offered at a flat rate, which varies depending on the details and length of the session. 

Few investments in your business or academic career are as valuable as that of ensuring that your most important documents are not only grammatically and mechanically correct but also precise, coherent and easy to read. 

With quality editing services by a trusted professional, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your written work bolsters your credibility and professional image

And your clients can rest assured that you have taken the extra step of ensuring that the documents you file or publish on their behalf are free of the kinds of rhetorical and mechanical pitfalls that subtly--but certainly--undermine their goals.

Contact me, and I'll be happy to give you a quote on your particular needs.