Thank you for your order! 

You just helped shelter pets!  Doesn't that feel good?

You're so awesome. I think I just fell in love with you a little.


**Important note about gift messages:

Calendars ship directly from the printer.  The printer cannot include a gift message with the actual shipment.  However, I will personally send your gift message to the gift recipient's email you provided with your order.  (Their email address will only be used to send the gift message; I will absolutely never spam your gift recipient (or you) or add him/her/them (or you) to any mailing lists -- scout's honour!)

The gift message will be emailed on the day of scheduled delivery. It's a really nice email!  They'll love it!


Receipts are not included in any calendar shipments, whether gifts or non-gifts.  PayPal issues the receipts via email.


Questions about your order? Just send me an email.